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Dear friends,
Long-expected MVR V1.3 Multi-Language is coming!
Upon the MVR V1.2, besides the multi-language system, the featured new function we will show is the communication platform. MVR1.3 has a function of editing vapor set as users’ vapor habits and preference. No doubts, it allows users to input and output these vapor sets so that we can share our good experience with others.
In addition, you can also find some other new functions as below:
1. RVW: Users can set three groups of output wattage. Through this function you can output your vapor set and input others’ vapor set to realize the communication with the others. The rules of naming the vapor set: please type in 3 letters to represent the brand of e-juice, 3 letters to represent the taste and 2 numbers to represent the concentration of nicotine. Then you can share your vapor set now

2. New home screen 
You can set what will display in the home screen on the left part or on the right part.

3. Alarm set:
You can set an alarm according to your needs, just to control the time and puff for your better vaporing experience.

4. Stealth mode:
You can vapor in the stealth mode, the most novel point lies in saving energy of your device and that is also an unnoticeable way.
Since the publishing of MVR V1.3, vaporing is not only smoking. Start sharing your flavors from MVR V1.3!

You can go to visit the following page for MVR V1.3 details: http://www.joyetech.com/myvapors/myVapors.php

Joyetech marketing department
April 29, 2013
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