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In order to better serve all Joyetech customers and build a perfect service system, Joyetech decides to implement new warranty policy:
All authorized Joyetech retailers, no matter the web shop or off-line store, must provide a two-month warranty to end users. Consumers can enjoy the following service provided by the Joyetech retailers: the first month replace and the second month repair.
Requirements for Joyetech distributors and retailers:
1. For the retailers cooperate previously, distributors should make the above requirements clear to them. Retailers must be responsible for quality assurance and after-sales service of the products they sell. To those who cannot or refuse to provide warranty of less than two months, distributors have to immediately stop cooperation with them.
2. When developing new sub-distributors, agents are better to clarify this warranty requirement. Applicants can be accepted only after they promise to comply with warranty policy. In the future, if users complain warranty, we will find out the distributors through the serial number and ask them directly to serve users.
An important role for warranty — Serial Number
In order to protect legitimate rights of users, Joyetech has pasted package serial number label on all the package boxes of Joyetech eRoll and eVic starter kits since September 2012, and then applied for all the other Joyetech products successively.
Users can check the authenticity of these products on the following website: http://www.joyetech.com/support/support.php. If the product is original, our system will show you the relevant package serial number. Meanwhile, the serial number and security code are also required for products warranty and after-sales service.
Detailed requirements are as follows:
1. If the package box for Joyetech eRoll or eVic has no serial number pasted, the product may be counterfeit, or those Not for Sell, such as test samples. Joyetech couldn't provide warranty and after-sales service without verification of serial number and security code. Please reject or return it to the supplier for the starter kits without such label.
2, From June 1st, 2013, if the serial number and security code can’t be provided, Joyetech will no longer directly support the after-sales service and warranty.
Sincerely please take good care of the receipt, serial number and security code for the product you bought.
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