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1 EGO and 510 batteries are manufactured to work with JOYE atomizers only. Use of these batteries with other atomizers may not only yield poor results, it may damage the battery and or atomizer. The output, load and constant short circuit protection features of the batteries and atomizers have been engineered to achieve a perfect balance and ensure the safety of these products. JOYETECH will not be responsible for damaged parts or poor results if these products are used with any NON-JOYETECH product.


2 EGO and 510 batteries must be charged with JOYE chargers only. These include the USB charger, USB wall charger, USB car charger and CE charger (EGO charger adaptor required). JOYE chargers are subject to stringent testing and utilize a variety of polymer lithium battery charging protection circuitry. These include short-circuit protection, over charge production, over current production and battery abnormal production. These protections ensure the safety and stability of the chargers. Use of NON-JOYE chargers with the EGO and 510 batteries as well as use of the chargers with any NON-JOYE battery may produce undesired and potentially hazardous results.  This use will void the JOYETECH warranty and JOYETECH will not be responsible for any damage resulting from misuse of their product.


3 EGO batteries are subject to minimum standards of performance, including battery power; battery life and the number of times of the batteries can be charged. The minimum capacity of JOYE EGO battery is 650mAH. A bulk sample test showed the actual average capacity of the battery is between 675mAH to 680mAH.

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