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By Sharon Beatty

Friday November 07 2008

A NEW electronic cigarette offers smokers a healthier and cheaper alternative to tobacco, its creators have claimed.

The 'cigarette' is now coming to Ireland and is already on sale in other countries like Germany, England and even Malta.

Working from a rechargeable battery, the device looks like an ordinary cigarette and creates vapour when connected with a disposable nicotine cartridge.

Inhaling should feel no different to smoking, company Gam-ucci Ireland Ltd have claimed.


"But no tar and no tobacco means a much healthier alternative to ordinary cigarettes," said Gamucci spokeswoman Georgina Caraher.

Being a former smoker herself, Ms Caraher tested the device and describes it as "just the same". She added: "The only difference is that it is not as soft as normal cigarettes."

As there is no tar and no tobacco, the electronic cigarette contains no carcinogenics.

And Ms Caraher added: "We don't claim it makes you stop smoking, but it will help ease onto lighter dosages."

Smokers can buy a special 'starter kit' for €70.

At the moment the 'cigarette' is only available on the internet -- but Gamucci haven't ruled out putting it on sale in shops.



Smokers sticking with the electronic cigarette can then buy packs of five cartridges -- available in strong, normal, light and no nicotine -- for €10.

One cartridge contains the nicotine equivalent of 20 normal cigarettes.

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