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  • New Mini Electronic Cigarette With Most Advance Technology
  Reg. Date 2011-08-17 11:41:27 Hit 6206
Nowadays mini electronic cigarette similar with a common cigarette has some basic problems: the use of time is not long and the problem of the leakage of cartridge liquid has affected market feedback of electronic cigarette heavily. To solve these problems, Shenzhen Joye Technology Co., Ltd. has been developing a new mini electronic cigarette to ensure that cartridges of mini e-cigarette can be used over 150 times. In addition, the new mini e-cigarette can make smokers have a good feeling of smoking only when the voltage of battery reaches to 3.3V. Besides, the cartridges designed and made by our company have been improved greatly, which can make the cartridge liquid use up, thus, the value of a cartridge would be embodied completely.
    Due to this new technology being developed, our company intends to present two new mini electronic cigarettes at the beginning of September. The length of the two mini e-cigarettes is 100 and 90mm respectively. The two new mini e-cigarettes are also the last two ones similar with a common cigarette that our company develops.  In the future, we would develop electronic cigarette with various forms so that electronic cigarette has become a recreational tool not just a cigarette.
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