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  • Ruyan America to Introduce New Ruyan Vegas(R) Freestyle E-cigar at Premium Cigar Trade Show in Las Vegas
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MINNEAPOLIS, July 10, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Ruyan America, Inc. announced today that it will introduce the new Ruyan Vegas(R) Freestyle E-cigar at the 76th annual International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association tradeshow to be held in Las Vegas July 14 to July 17.
Like the Company's Ruyan Vegas(R) Classic, the Ruyan Vegas(R) Freestyle looks and feels like a premium cigar, nearly six inches in length, but the Freestyle, unlike the Classic, contains no nicotine.
William P. Bartkowski, President of Ruyan America, stated, "The Ruyan Vegas(R) Freestyle provides the casual cigar user a product free of smoke, free of nicotine, but capable of producing a thick, flavorful and enjoyable vapor, while making a statement about the user's leisure and life style. We envision a broad and exciting market for this unique offering."
The new E-cigar uses the same technology as the Company's V-8 E-cigarette, a microchip, airflow sensor, atomizer and liquid cartridges to produce vapor that provides users with the experience of smoking, without producing dangerous second hand smoke and without endangering the health of associates or bystanders. However, unlike the E-cigarette, the Ruyan Vegas(R) E-cigars are designed to be used and then disposed of, with each of the E-cigars having approximately 1800 mouthfuls of vapor, nearly the equivalent vapor to the mouthfuls of smoke produced by 36 similar-sized cigars.
Ruyan America, Inc. is a U.S.-based joint venture partner of Ruyan Holdings Ltd. of Hong Kong. Ruyan America's Chairman, Mr. Hon Lik, is the inventor and patent holder of the E-cigarette and the atomizing technology that is critical to it, the E-cigar and the E-pipe. These products, varieties of replacement cartridges and their accessories are designed, manufactured and sold for the cigarette alternative/smoking substitution market. They allow smokers to satisfy their cravings in places and situations where they otherwise cannot smoke by law, regulation or common courtesy. Ruyan is the only manufacturer of E-cigarette pursuant to Mr. Hon's patents and Ruyan America is the only Company providing E-cigarettes, E-cigars, E-pipes, their cartridges and accessories to distributors and retailers in concert with safety test results, product liability insurance, detailed ingredient lists, documentation of proprietary intellectual property and the support of a $4 million Direct Response Television campaign.
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