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Best Vape Pen: Choosing the Best Personal Vaporizer
Portable vaporizers were thought to be nothing more than a passing fad. Years after they were first introduced in the market, these devices are showing no signs of slowing down and are in fact becoming even more popular as a new vaping culture begin to rise out of former tobacco product users. This rise in demand is also giving way to the meteoric rise of vaping device technology, making it difficult for users to find the best vape pen to satisfy their lifestyle needs. 
With so many options to choose from, just how does one choose the best vape pen to use? Standard pens are battery/base units featuring screw-on tank attachments. This has been the predominant style used by early adapters, but many other versions now exist, making the run for standard pens' money like the short pen, which is generally the same width at standard pens, but has a shorter base unit and/or shorter attachments. They are usually interchangeable with standard units. Minis, on the other hand, are flatter, shorter vape pens that are more convenient to store and carry around although more people prefer slim units, which are much thinner and are closer to the width of traditional cigarettes. 
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