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Electronic cigarettes or as young vapers call them, e-cigs, have fast made their way into the market. In fact, they have created a new era for a booming industry that is on its track to outsell and give tobacco products a run for their money. It has been projected that within a decade or so, electronic cigarettes are going to eclipse tobacco products as new generation of smokers adapt into a high-tech way of feeding their nicotine habit. Advertisements for the best e cig are not uncommon, getting people hooked into the "hip" way of smoking. While the health effects or benefits of e cigarettes are still not clear, many users consider it a healthier way of consuming nicotine.
Research into the effects of e cigarettes to people's health still lags behind the device's popularity. However, e cigarettes attract many users because of the obvious fact that they don't contain all the extra additives and substances traditional tobacco products have. Just the same the stripped down nicotine inside e cig cartridges is still addictive and cause withdrawal symptoms when you stop using. 
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